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Kele’a News Added and Email Updates Available

We have recently added the Kele’a News feed. If you know of any other news feeds concerning Tonga that should be part of the news aggregation please let us know.

Get email updates. You can sign up to our news feed to get the daily top news delivered to your email inbox. Just look at the left hand navigation for the sign up box.

Planet Tonga Redesigned

Welcome to the newly designed Planet Tonga website. We have redesigned the site to pull in various news items from around the globe in a real-time fashion.

The various sections:

  • Top News – news items we feel are very interesting. These are staff picks.
  • Top Photos – photo items that we pick to share from the various feeds.
  • Top Videos – video clips that stands out that we would like to share.
  • Blog – our blog posts to keep you updated on whats happening.

More will be coming in the future.